ATS Targets Knee Wall plus truning target system

So, you've chosen a top tier turning target system, now what type of target backer should you use? In short, it depends. Not what you wanted to hear, but we'er here to help you weigh the pros and cons of each type. At ATS Targets we partner with you to help you build a range that suits your training needs. Contact us at any time if you have any questions along the way. Contact us today Now, let's dive in!

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For law enforcement, security, and military personnel, ATS Targets is a trusted source for mission-critical tools and equipment. Our dedication to providing the highest quality products means our clients can count on us to perform to the highest standards. From firearms training simulators to modern intuitive targets, ATS Targets provides law enforcement, security, and the military with the tools they need to safeguard the public and protect the innocent. Contact us today to get a quote and keep...

SWAT training with ATS Targets 9-Hole, MT-74 Robot, and PT-61B Turning Target

Two things are certain: Robotic targets enhance the realism of live-fire training like nothing else, and implementing robotic targets takes careful planning and thought.

At ATS Targets, we’ve led the robotic target systems industry since day one, and we are here to help. We highly recommend a discussion with one of our engineers so that we can pinpoint your specific needs prior to settling on one technology or another.

FLEXI-HD range

Turning Targets – Top 5 things to consider when you encounter the Compressed Air vs. Electric dilemma

The big debate when installing a new turning target range these days is whether to install an electric or air compressor driven pneumatic range. Although electric ranges are not new, they were out of fashion for the last couple of decades. But advancements in motor technologies, electronics, and most notably power supplies have given electric ranges some new fans.

At ATS Targets, we provide both, and we hope this guide is helpful. What’s more, we highly...

Target Controller PTX-TAB

Last week we went to our annual week long SWAT training at [redacted].

During the week we trained Search Warrant Entries, Barricaded Subjects and Hostage Rescue. Our new ATS target systems (PT-61A/B) were utilized throughout our week of training. The system allowed our SWAT Operators to react to a stimulus instead of walking into a room and seeing a stationary target. Having the ability to change the target from friend/foe/edge/down was a huge training benefit that every Police department should have....


Advanced Training Systems, Inc. (ATS) introduces the IMTS-15, Infantry Moving Target System with remote LOMAH* scoring capability. Mounted on a wireless, remote controlled moving platform, the IMTS-15 features the highly dependable PT-61 wireless tactical target system, along with the capability to add a LOMAH remote scoring system. In addition, the PT-61 portable tactical target system can be operated “off line” by wireless remote control as a stand alone stationary tactical target with or without a LOMAH remote scoring system. Product features include:

  • Programmable, remote...