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What is the best target backer for me?

So, you've chosen a top tier turning target system, now what type of target backer should you use? In short, it depends. Not what you wanted to hear, but we'er here to help you weigh the pros and cons of each type. At ATS Targets we partner with you to help you build a range that suits your training needs. Contact us at any time if you have any questions along the way. Contact us today Now, let's dive in!

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Military Style Plastic Targets

Military style targets come in many shapes and sizes. The most common are the ARMY-E which is a life-sized silhouette that comes in various colors. ATS Targets' military targets are all made with semi-self healing plastic that generally closes up to about half the caliber. These can handle thousands of rounds. Others common sizes and shapes are the ARMY-F which is a life-size head and shoulders or prone silhouette, and the ARMY IVANs which are a 3D full size or head and shoulders life-size target. These targets are cost effective, and long-lasting, but can be challenging to attach paper targets to if that is your goal. There are image sleeves that fit over these backers but they tend to be expensive. However, thermal sleeves are available that are very effective for training with night vision goggles.

With regard to ARMY-E and ARMY-F style plastic targets, there are generally two types available: Waffle and Ribbed. The ribbed is a stiffer target well suited for lifters.

The ATS Targets "MIL Holder" puts a slight curve into the backer. The backer can be cardboard, plastic (such as ARMY-E shown in photo), or corrugated plastic (think political campaign yard sign).

Key thing to ask for: ARMY-E, ARMY-F, ARMY-IVAN, ARMY-IVAN PRONE

  • Universal target holder for 1x2 wood slats or aluminum rods.
  • Target holder with dedicated alumium rod configuration.

Cardboard Target Backer

Cardboard is by far the most popular target backer in the world. It is extremely cost-effective, easy to find, and quite frankly, it just works. It is generally used in a rectangular shape with paper targets either stapled or glued to one or both faces. ATS Targets prefers to glue with 3M 77 adhesive spray (shameless plug for a fellow Minnesota company). The two disadvantages are that most cardboard targets fall apart in rain and paper stapled to cardboard can come loose. Water "resistant" cardboard is available but is generally hard to find and cost prohibitive. Plus, in a heavy downpour, it may get you through a day of training, but not much more. A similar alternative is corrugated plastic or coroplast as mentioned above. It is more expensive, but if you are in an area prone to raining training days, it would be very worthwhile to keep some of these in stock.

The ATS Targets offers two types of holder for cardboard backers. One is our standard LE holder for wood slats or aluminum rods with binder clips. One advantage to both is that neither needs a backer at all, as you can just staple or clip the target right to the uprights. This backer is the best choice if you prefer wood but are curious about aluminum rods as an option. If you know you want to use aluminum rods exclusively, we have a dedicated aluminum rod target holder with a closed bottom pocket for a very secure mount when turning at high speeds.

Key thing to ask for: Law Enforcement Style holder: "slat" or "rod"

  • Foam target holder with target backer
  • Foam backer target holder

Foam Target Backer

Foam target backers are amazing. They are quick to put out (they literally drop into place), handle thousands of rounds,

FLEXI Turning Target Systems

(Fully Programmable, Independent Control, Shoot/Don’t Shoot, hit-reactive)

ATS Targets BQ and FLEXI Series, full-turning all pneumatic or electric turning target systems for combined use as qualification targets & tactical firearms training aids. This flexible 90 degree turn or full-turning shoot/don’t shoot target systems can show face, edge, or back; creating dynamic and stress inducing target practice.

It can be readily configured for basic qualification, and then with the touch of a button transform to a dynamic, unpredictable training course.

Boost your training today by adding turning targets to your range. Don't have your own range? We have portable options as well. Contact us today or shop now.

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